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While Guardianship may be more obvious in the case of a child/adult with Intellectual disabilities because of their limited comprehension and decision-making capability, for those who are higher-functioning, some of the following Alternatives to Guardianship may be sufficient.

Supported Decision-Making Agreement

While a person with Special Needs may need help making certain life decisions, Supported Decision-Making Agreements recognize their right to determine how they want their life to look. This Agreement allows a trusted person to assist with helping a disabled person have all the facts so he or she can make an informed decision on important life decisions.

Medical Power of Attorney

In the event that a person becomes incapacitated, a Medical Power of Attorney will allow a trusted representative to make medical decisions for them. An individual must have the mental capacity to sign a Medical Power of Attorney.

Power of Attorney

Should a person lose the capacity to make financial and contractual decisions, a Durable Power of Attorney will allow a named individual to make both contractual and financial decisions for the person signing the document. The person for whom the Durable Power of Attorney is prepared must be competent to sign the document.

Directive to Physician

Advanced Directives allow an individual to make decisions about end-of-life care ahead of time. Another name for the Directive to Physician is a Living Will. The signee must have the capacity to know what they are signing.


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