Blogs :: What is a Pet Trust and Why Do You Need One?

Pet parents show love to their pets in so many ways on a daily basis. Many think of their companion animals as family members and provide for them as such. What happens when pet parent are no longer around to care for their furry family members?

To assure that there will be someone to take care of their pets and the funds to do so, pet parents can have a legally sanctioned arrangement called a Pet Trust which provides for the care and maintenance of their companion animals.

A Pet Trust names a trustee to hold certain assets "in trust" for the benefit of the grantor's pets. These funds are designated for the care of the animal (food, veterinary care, etc.) so they can be cared for in the manner they were in the grantor's lifetime. Pets with longer lives or for whose care is more expensive (such as horses) can particularly benefit from having a Pet Trust.

As pet parents ourselves, we know how important they are to your family and can create a Pet Trust to make sure they are cared for the way you designate. Call 281.703.3616 or email to establish your Pet Trust.

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