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When you have a child with Special Needs, there will be many types of testing that you will encounter along the way. Most of the time, testing will lead you to answers and diagnoses which will, in turn, lead to treatment.

Your local school district will provide many types of testing, regardless if your child is enrolled in school. There are Early Childhood Intervention programs that can help your child from birth to age 3 if they qualify for services. Schools also offer additional testing when a disability is suspected.

Outside public school testing, parents may want independent testing at certain points in their child’s life. Private testing may reach beyond what is available from the school district in showing how your child functions in everyday life and what to expect as your child grows older. Some of the professionals who can administer private testing are:

• Clinical Psychologists (for psychological and educational testing)
• Developmental Pediatricians (for developmental and behavioral conditions)
• Educational Psychologists (for educational testing)
• Neuropsychologists (for intelligence testing, executive functioning, memory language and more)
• Speech Pathologists (for speech and language related testing)
• Therapeutic Optometrist (for vision and neurosensory testing)
• Occupational Therapist (for sensory processing, motor planning, visual-perceptual testing and more)
• Geneticist (for genetic testing of genes, chromosomes or proteins)
• Neurologist (for assessment of motor and sensory skills, hearing and speech, vision, coordination and balance)

This is a partial list of professionals who offer a variety of testing. You pediatrician or family doctor can refer you to a professional who can assist with the testing your child requires should you need a professional outside what the school district offers. Testing will be critical if you are seeking Guardianship as your child reaches age 18.

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