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Are you about to close on a house and your spouse has missed his flight back from a business trip? A Power of Attorney is a document that can be signed by your spouse giving you the authority to close on your house. This same issue happened to me many years ago when I was working in another state and my wife was about to close on our new home. I was able to sign a Power of Attorney giving my wife the authority to sign and close on the new house on my behalf.

Another example of when a Power of Attorney can be helpful is if you have a loved one that is in an accident or has a medical condition and they become incapacitated either for the short or long term. A Power of Attorney will enable you to talk to, and handle financial matters, with the institutions that may have your loved one’s accounts. If your loved one has a business, a representative may need a Power of Attorney to take care of the business, especially if it is a business owned by your loved one. Without a Power of Attorney, the only way to handle business of this type would be to file a Temporary Guardianship in order to handle the business of the incapacitated person. You can always terminate a Power of Attorney at any time.

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